Moana Nui Replays: Diversity in Entertainment - The Pursuit Beyond Tokenism

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For September 30th Replay, this replay episode is our panel on Diversity in Entertainment: The Pursuit Beyond Tokenism from May 6th.

From music to comics to the TV screen, consumers have been wanting to see more diversity in the entertainment that they consume. The demands of my authentic diverse stories and casting instead of the forced diversity or the token diversity to pacify the masses. With the success of Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, the entertainment world can no longer say that diverse stories don't sell.

The Moana Nui Podcast brings our line-up of panelists back again from various backgrounds such as TV/Film, Acting, Music, Comics, and Entertainment Production. These creatives will discuss about the struggles within the industries, how they are forging their own path of diversity, and the evolution of the entertainment industry to become more diverse for their consumers.

Panel includes:
* Lee Shorten - Actor and Director
* Nuri McAdams - CEO of Burning Spear LLC and Writer/Creator of Wildcard Chronicles
* Patrick Strange - Host of Nerds of Color and New Release Wednesdays
* Mog Park - Illustrator and Visual Developer for HBO's Game of Thrones
* Micah Azam Khan - Filmmaker and Writer
* Viet Huynh - Comedian and Custom Action Figure Maker

Panel moderated by guest moderator Barr Foxx, Founder of Cosplay Your Way

Tune in at 8:30pm Eastern on Thursday, September 30th to watch this replay of this dynamic conversation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch!
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